My 4 year-old son is incredibly resourceful. He loves to get into everything and the moment I turn my back, he is already zooming off in another direction. I might leave him in the living room with his crayons and paper for four minutes while I go to change the laundry and the second I return, he has made my dining room table his new canvas! I take the crayons away and hide them in the kitchen and the next thing I know, he has found the markers and is coloring his next masterpiece on the wooden cabinet. I needed to find some new dining room tables fast and ideally, ones that were kid-proof! 

While no piece of furniture can be completely safe from a toddler, I needed a buffet table that looked beautiful in my dining room but could withstand the attacks from my 4 year-old. I went on the internet and found some absolutely gorgeous dining room tables and sideboards on There were several pieces that looked fantastic but I found one that had skinny legs and a tabletop that was far out of reach. It was perfect! I love the beautiful design, but I love that it stays beautiful even more. I got a great deal and I did not have to pay extra for shipping, it was great! Thanks eBuffet!

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